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About lajonel:
I am a recent graduate of Temple University, located in Philadelphia, PA. GO OWLS! Fielf of study in film and media arts, I have been open to explore different dynamics of this huge forum of the arts and entertainment. Particularly, I am focused on being a director specifically but not limited to music videos and commercials, in addition to devoting my life and putting its journey from what may seem indescribable into relatable stories as a screenwriter. Young, listening to my hopes instead of my fears, I am a work in progress yet devoted to embarking on the path for which I have set to live out my goals and dreams!

Philadelphia, PA

directing, producing, WRITING--film and TV....did I mention the music video?! First passion is continuing to bring a new edge to the visual culture of music and television...reading, track & field...traveling...challenges...a lil R&R every now and then

Favorite TV:
Grey's Anatomy, Living Single, Martin, Sister Sister, Desperate Housewives, a host of reality shows ranging from Survivor to A Baby Story to the trilogy of 'The Realhousewives'