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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Category: Associations/Unions/Guilds
Description: Academy Awards Database. The Academy Science and Technology Council.

Category: Music & Composers
Description: Music from my current release.I also do film/tv music in a variety of genres, however, I have a penchant for the quirky. Loren

'ASR RECORDS - Kansas City USA
Category: Music & Composers
Description: 'ASR RECORDS Artists are among the most refreshing creative jazz talent today, who are also actively performing, composing, recording and producing their own original commercial music product releases. 'ASR RECORDS Artists retain all creative control and responsibility concerning all aspects of their musical career-related matters. Each artist is a proven leader in their own right, and all maintain active live performance activities in their respective geographic markets. Our artists are award-winning performers, composers and producers whose credits include a Congressional Award, Broadway, Film and Television, various individual Songwriting and Composition Awards, and numerous other significant forms of tangible recognition for superior excellence in the field of music, along with significantly noteworthy contributions in national and international arts arenas. Today, 'ASR RECORDS Artists are now able to publish and distribute their creative work viably using both traditional means and 21st Century technologies. 'ASR RECORDS Artists offer traditional CDs, CD-on-demand, CD Singles for portable devices, and their work can be found on most major retail store sites along with the popular music subscription services of today. Music licensing uses are available.

(Yet) Another Hole in the Head
Category: Film Festivals
Description: (Yet) Another Hole in the Head

[balboa condition]
Category: Music & Composers
Description: Epic 70's Prog Rock mixed with moody underground 80's pop and European style Trip Hop.

20/20 Screenwriting Contest
Category: Screenwriting Competitions
Description: Script consultants Bonnie Sanders and Andy Rodman wanted to think of a way to give writers an opportunity to get their screenplays read– and hopefully a way for them to obtain representation. They realized that although the first 20 pages of a screenplay don’t tell all, they do tell a lot about whether a writer can write and if his/her screenplay is working or not. The first 20 pages reveal characters, conflict, originality, and writing style. And that is how the idea for the 20/20 Contest was born. For $20, we read the first 20 pages of screenplays and rate them based on a 20-parameter checklist for marketability. In this way, writers receive useful feedback and the great scripts can, after a rigorous vetting process, garner agency representation and a decent chance in the Hollywood system.

2bans roots hiphop a.k.a Smash Mouth Education.
Category: Audio
Description: All 2ban material is for educational purposes. New music genre from the voice of the indegenous Rai2ban.

30Day Films
Category: Film Education
Description: With 30DayFilms, you will, in 30 days, gain real world experience, meaningful contacts, a high quality product for your reel and a solid foundation to build upon.

35 Degrees North
Category: Motion Picture Production Companies
Description: We are commissioned to shoot music videos for record labels and established artists.

48 Hour Film Project
Category: Film Festivals
Description: What is the 48 Hour Film Project? Caffeine, adrenaline and one wild ride! Filmmaking teams make a movie from scratch in only one weekend! Less than two days later, the short films have their premiere at major local theaters in front of packed audiences. In each of the cities on the 48 Hour Film Project tour, teams then compete to be named the "Best Film" for that city. Of those, one special film will win the prestigious "Best 48 Hour Film of the Year."

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