About Haydenfilms

Haydenfilms is an independent film production and distribution company based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, home of Kutztown University. Haydenfilms is a growth-oriented company dedicated to the support and development of emerging independent and student film producers of vision.

In 2001, Founder and President Hayden Craddolph conceived of a new way to enhance the artistic vitality of collaborative film projects. Originally a master's thesis project for Kutztown University, through discussions with consultants and advisors including business professionals, financial advisors, professors of media and film industry experts, it became apparent that the idea of an online independent film festival and the concept of submitting and viewing films online could help revolutionize how filmmaking would be conducted in the future.

The company was officially formed in December 2003 and launched its online presence in mid-July 2004. The Haydenfilms Online Film Festival began nationwide in October 2004.

Realizing early that the film festival had a strong following among student filmmakers (based in part on submissions from many of the top film schools in the U.S.), in 2006 Haydenfilms recognized the necessity of focusing on education as a core component of the business. Partnerships were formed with local high school and college organizations to facilitate and introduce film and the arts to a larger student population.


Haydenfilms’ mission is to create and foster an online network of independent and student film producers, and to provide the support and resources necessary for those filmmakers to succeed in the film industry.

The vision of Haydenfilms is to be the single on-line source for student and independent filmmakers, providing them with the best tools, products and services to showcase their projects.


Haydenfilms is a progressive, state-of-the-art organization that prides itself on staying ahead of the technology curve by seeking out and implementing the latest technology.

Haydenfilms.com® sees itself as different from its chief competitors because it offers a unique method of viewing and voting on films in an online film festival that the overwhelming majority of its competitors do not. It also offers much more added value than those competitors that do offer online viewing of films. For instance, Haydenfilms.com® offers other resources including  industry news and links, as well as a crew database and listings for open calls. In this way, Haydenfilms.com® offers much more than any other film festival’s website, making it a full-service online filmmaking service provider.

Haydenfilms.com® is now the world's premier online film festival, presenting independent films from the most innovative filmmakers in the world.  Offering viewers the future of independent filmmaking on the web, Haydenfilms.com® showcases the latest in animation, documentary, comedy and drama, featuring award-winning festival shorts and the freshest films from the world's most talented emerging filmmakers.


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